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looplife Records

Looplife Records is a Berlin-based, non-profit record label for instrumental hip hop music. With our curated releases we bring together music and art for causes we believe in.  By simply enjoying our music, you’re supporting various great charities around the world. So add our tracks to your playlist or follow the Looplife Playlist!

50% of all streams, vinyl and merch profits are donated to charities worldwide!

Beats for good: kältebus

“Beats for Good: Kältebus” is a special Charity Compilation by Looplife Records. With the purchase of this compilation, you donate 100% to the Berlin Homeless Assistance Program „Kältebus“, a great winter initiative that keeps the homeless out of the cold. As a big THANK YOU for your donation you will receive this terrific instrumental compilation produced by some of europe’s best producers.

Donation Status: 1

Thanks to all the producers who made this compilation possible. Our goal for this special charity project is to reach at least 1.000 Euro to support this wonderful Berlin homeless Assistance Program„Kältebus“. An initiative that keeps the homeless out of the cold or at least help them with a warm cup of tea. Tell all your friends about it and help us making this charity project big!

Sebastian Vieweger (Head of Label)

Our Latest Releases

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Good Music for Good Causes

Looplife Records combines instrumental Hip Hop Music, Art and Charity. From chilled boombap to lo-fi hip hop, future soul and trap soul, we bring you great music and try to make this world a better place. We offer every listener, worldwide, the opportunity to effortlessly donate money to charitable organizations while listening to music. Looplife also seeks to support and promote the musicians, illustrators and other artists involved, with part of the profit allocated to them. 

“With this label I want to give something back to society. I want to release the music I love for so many years now, while using my privileges of being european to support people who really need it. I’m sure there are many people who want to contribute to good causes. By listening to our music, it’s very easy to do that! You can donate every day, without registering anywhere, without making a distinction … just by listening to good music while having breakfast, traveling by train, working at the office or having a barbecue in the park! For updates about our releases and our work follow Looplife Records on social media“ –  Sebastian Vieweger aka Acoustic View (Founder of Looplife Records & the Digginsack Beat Battle Platform)

Charity selection 2021 / 2022

2021 is the first year for Looplife Records. So our learning process to support charity by music has started. While we have a lot to learn, one thing is fixed: Every year Looplife Records will donate 50% of its profits to charitable organizations. Depending on the amount of profit that’s generated, we will support one or more of these charities:

Video abspielen

Sea-Watch e.V.

Viva con Agua

Four Paws

One Tree Planted

Children’s Hospice Sternenbrücke

Plan International

💛 “Beats for Good: Kältebus" 💛…
💛 “Beats for Good: Kältebus" 💛…
💛 “Beats for Good: Kältebus" 💛…
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